"Brilliant place to stay. Staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. The location is right on the edge of the National Park - 12 miles of untouched, empty and exquisite tropical beach. Sunrises are amazing!"

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Good Vibes Only 

Hostel with a great Atmosphere

You can only get @ Casa coral

Due to Covid we are limiting the amount of guests in the Hostel in order to create a safe space for all of our visitors. Limiting number of guest per dorm room and a reduced capacity. If you see a shortage of availablity while booking please contact us with any concerns or inquiries. Stay safe

Covid details 

"The place is right on a secluded beach and also a river - it's beautiful and amazing. The staff is great, and the people are great - I stayed 2 extra weeks in Puerto Rico because of this place, and made so many new friends."

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